Referring your friend 
made simple

Refer your friend for Simplylife Credit Card and Personal Loans and earn up to 1000 AED. The more successful referral you make the more reward you receive.

How to refer?

1. Fill in your Contact Details and Simplylife CID number and click “Apply Now”
2. You will be promptly contacted by our Simplylife customer care representative
3. Share details of the friends you wish to refer with our customer care representative
4. On every successful referral, you will be entitled to the cashback and touchpoints mentioned below

The rewards

  • Earn cashback of AED 100 on every successful Simplylife Credit Card referral extending to a maximum of AED 500.
  • Earn AED 250 worth of touchpoints on every successful Simplylife Personal loan referral extending up to a maximum of AED 500.
  • As a welcome bonus, the new Simplylife Credit Card holder will earn a cashback of AED 100
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